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Let's Talk About Fiber

Fiber, or “dietary fiber,” is sometimes called “roughage.” It’s a type of carbohydrate that cannot be digested by your gut. So because it moves through your digestive system “undigested,” it plays an important role in keeping your system moving and “in working order.”

Insoluble vs. Soluble Fiber

Fiber is classified as either soluble or insoluble.

Insoluble fiber is mostly found in whole-grain products, such as wheat bran cereal, vegetables and fruit. It provides “bulk” for stool formation and helps wastes move quickly through your colon. This aids in the regularity of bowel movements and preventing constipation.

Soluble fiber slows the digestion of carbohydrates, and can help stabilize blood sugar if you have diabetes. It creates a gel-like substance that slows down how fast the stomach releases digested food into the gut. This in turn may provide increased fullness, reduced appetite, and automatic weight loss. Long story short, eating more soluble fiber can help you lose belly fat and prevent belly fat gain.

Foods that are high in soluble fiber include flaxseeds, sweet potatoes, fruits like apricots and oranges, Brussels sprouts, legumes and grains like oatmeal.

Let's Put it Together

To keep this simple, eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. Start by adding one of these or more of these to your current breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Here are some ideas and feel free to modify to your liking.

  1. add fruit and/or whole grains to your breakfast or as a pick me up snack

    1. berries or caramelized apples on top of oatmeal

    2. baked apples with cinnamon

    3. chia seed pudding

    4. avocado toast

  2. add veggies and/or whole grains to your lunch or dinner

    1. salmon, steamed broccoli, and a baked sweet potato

    2. lentil, chicken soup with carrots, onions, peppers, and peas

    3. salmon bowl with rice, arugula, roasted potatoes & Brussels sprouts, drizzled with a dressing of choice

    4. beef taco bowl with pico de gallo, romaine lettuce, black beans, and salsa


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