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Get to Know Me

I've worked in corporate America for ten years as an engineer and understand the stresses that comes with it. I had bad eating habits and wasn't motivated to workout. When I tried to start my wellness journey, I struggled with maintaining a healthy weight while dealing with mental and physical fatigue. Going to the gym everyday and cutting back on my calories didn't matter; I didn't feel well.


It didn't help that I had no work life balance. I worked weekends, I was on call while also trying to balance my spouse and family. Talking about burnt out!


But then an Ah Ha! moment happened. I had enough of not feeling well and spending countless hours, money, time for answers. I started with shifting my mindset and telling myself, it’s not that you lack motivation, you just haven’t found the thing that motivates you. It’s not that you don’t want to be healthy, you just haven’t found the thing that fits into your schedule. From this shift, Tii Fit was born.


I've built wellness around three pillars: Fitness, Nutrition, and Mental. I want to show people that living a healthier lifestyle is approachable and can be made simple no matter what your schedule looks like. I'm here to make wellness Convenient, Approachable, and Practical. 

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